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The Emerald of the Equator

Indonesia is an archipelagic nation comprising thousands of islands, spanning a vast area from Sumatra in the west to Papua in the east. As the world’s largest island country, Indonesia boasts diverse geographical features, including stunning beaches, active volcanoes, and vibrant marine ecosystems. Indonesia is known for its rich cultural heritage, with a population comprising numerous ethnic groups, like the Javanese and Sundanese, and over 700 languages and six religions. If you’re an experienced and open-minded traveller, you can expect a warm welcome with kind hospitality while you explore the country’s diverse cultural expressions, arts, and cuisines.


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When you travel with Pletoura, you will see the best Indonesia has to offer. Your five senses will be exhilarated and your soul will be inspired. Our itineraries are designed around our hosts, who are deeply familiar with Indonesia. They will be your guides and companions on an incredible journey that you won’t find anywhere else.

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