Call me Mowgli.
I consider myself a jungle boy who’s attached to his handy camera.

You’ll find me in the jungle throughout the week, come rain or shine. For me, hiking is an opportunity to show you wanderers the raw nature of Malaysia, far from the crowds, in hidden sites where you would hardly bump into other travellers. Count on me to reveal the clearest rivers, breath-taking vistas, and the rich tapestry of cultures on our land.

As an advanced first-aid certified guide, I’ve led groups of varying sizes on unforgettable trips. What makes a trip truly memorable to me? Being able to have stories that we’ll proudly share with our grandchildren one day.

Base city

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Travel area



English, Malay, Tamil, Bahasa Indonesia

Travel with me

  • A walking encyclopaedia in the jungle, sharing in-depth knowledge about the fascinating flora and fauna
  • Curiosity-driven trips that go beyond surface-level exploration, delving deep into the essence of each location
  • A sense of adventure that will leave you yearning for more
  • Flexibility to adapt easily to changes
  • Passionate and eager to share my extensive travel experiences and knowledge


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