Ryan is a dynamic 26-year-old who has dedicated his professional career to forestry and research, fuelled by his deep passion for the great outdoors. He finds joy in staying active through sports like tennis, basketball, and volleyball, while also expressing his diverse interests through hip-hop dancing.

During his free time, Ryan embraces the opportunity to explore new places, seeking adventure in serene beach outings, mountain hikes, and waterfall visits. Additionally, he nurtures his curiosity by immersing himself in various cultures, sampling diverse cuisines, and engaging with local communities. With his infectious positivity and versatile abilities, Ryan creates an atmosphere of enjoyment and brings a valuable perspective to any endeavour.

Base city

Laguna, Philippines

Travel area



Filipino, Tagalog, English

Travel with me

  • Environment passion: As a knowledgeable forester, Ryan enlightens guests on nature and sustainable practices.
  • Sports and adventure enthusiast: Ryan guides guests in exploring outdoors, offering activities like hiking, kayaking, and basketball.
  • Travel and culture lover: Ryan immerses guests in local culture, recommending hidden gems and authentic culinary experiences.
  • Friendly and welcoming: With an energetic demeanour, Ryan ensures guests feel comfortable, going above and beyond to create a memorable stay.


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Siargao Serenity: A Philippines Island Paradise Getaway

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